Friday, July 27, 2007

Death - Taxes - Green politics

Earth is hurting.

Death and Taxes, it has been said are the only things definite in this life. With a wider view we can see something else crashing down on us. This new item is definitely not science fiction; we are talking about the death of our planet Earth, as we know it. Because it is real life it has become a political football. People in power and in science know the truth. To list in this short letter the potentially critical changes in and on our planet which go on without interference would take away from its intent. It is only hoped that this article will become one more way to create public awareness of the misdirection of those that are responsible.

Is there cause for concern? People like George Bush, his administration and our Great Courts, don’t think so. Also, include his dedicated followers such as the mega-oil conglomeration, Halliburton, and the like, directly, and self-centered organizations like Amway, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziegler, and their like, indirectly. No? Well, any thought processes they possess, not centered on wealth and or power is foreign to them. They wish to ignore that we, all, must consider whatever one does to the air we breathe or the ground we walk on will cause change. Clear a forest, build a subdivision, or a shopping center, maybe an airport, a three bedroom house, a hospital or church for that matter, the result is permanent. Be it brick and motor, concrete or asphalt, a part of Mother Earth is covered and cannot interact with its precious ecology. Just the thought of removing our forests to enrich a few is unconscionable.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear must know that the rhythm of Earths systematic changes are no longer her own, humanity has disrupted it’s efforts to maintain necessary equilibrium. The world’s ecological changes have never been perfectly stable; as far as we know it was never intended to be. Nature is dynamic; it must be in constant progression for the continuation of life. Just as antibodies exist in the human body a complex method exists within Earth’s biology that continually adjusts for the maximum healing of ecologic injuries. Earth is hurting now just as a living creature hurts from time to time. Humanity is as damaging to Earth as the giant meteor was that collided with it and put an end to the great period of the dinosaurs. We are much slower than a meteor but the affects of our actions may last longer.

Because of the slow pace of the interaction of our population and Earths ecology, the changes are not too evident on Monday mornings. Most of us will be thinking, on a given Monday, that all is not too bad. Working people are trying to get their own personal lives together and the last thing they want to think about is the rest of the world. Yes, that is true, in our democracy we have representatives elected to worry about the rest of the world, or so we would presume.

With a little effort however we can find the hard facts about Mother Nature and her grievances. A great number of our leaders are willing to ignore the scientific proofs and forewarnings in hopes of getting their riches in the bank before it’s too late. The problem is that there is always a long line of political hopefuls waiting in the wing for their time in the DC pot of gold who will think the same way.

Equally ignored, by their way of thinking, is the confusion created by the great and monstrous marketing organizations and of course free world marketing itself. Because the American economy is consumer driven and its borders well insulated, the feeling of independence and superiority surround us. The confusion is that we think we deserve all we can get. Deserve it so much that whatever our leaders and giant enterprises do is given sacred absolution at the voting polls. It is thusly, the rest of the word that is at fault for everything bad.

Yes, of course, our shrinking world requires the challenge of the competitive exchange of labor, production and technology. Everyone around the globe will eventually benefit. However, there are inherent problems in every undertaking.

Our leaders have chosen to postpone, or ignore numerous programs to stop adverse effects on our world ecology; and at the same time encourage projects that would injure, or diminish our natural resources? Their reasoning is that the economy may be threatened. But will it? Consider that we can and will find a way to overcome economic problems as a people without selfish decisions by lobbyist and inept representatives. We always have, haven’t we? “It’s my turn to make a fortune” so we say. “You scratch mine and I’ll scratch yours.” It’s always pay-back time in DC and in State capitals.

As the world population continues to grow, and the demography changes, so will our Earth’s surface change and we must, if we are not too late, learn to walk on eggs.

Here in America our Native Indians communicated with nature and made every effort to coexist peacefully, to live and let live. Did they keep our country healthy for us to destroy? The Indians had this precious country for thousands of years. The rest of us, immigrants all, have only had it for about three hundred years.

There are many books and articles available to enlighten us and to make humankind aware of the dangers resulting in too much unnatural change on the face of our Earth. But: who reads them? Do you? To name a few, Gore’s book An Inconvenient truth; Firefly’s Guide To The State Of The World; At Issue’s, Rain Forest; on the fiction level, my book , The Flame And The Promise. All are written to document and/or enlighten. But you can take this to the bank: the movers and shakers of America do not read them. Why? It is not the American way; our small blue planet is here to be capitalized on. Any thought opposing this mental attitude is considered negative thinking; ask our Leader. He ignores the fact that in a democracy such as ours with 300 million souls, our representatives should and must do well for all of us, not just the privileged few.

In case you have not noticed, for the past sixty years our colleges and universities have concentrated on and propagated the philosophies that the limiting of government and the seeking of monetary gain is necessary for the health of the World; humanities be damned. Hello?

Amazingly, humankind has two great drives: the first and better drive is the inherent desire to seek great accomplishments in creativity and improve, if possible, on the things God has provided, using the materials also of his providence. The great builders, artists and geniuses of history have given us all a better life.
The other great inherited drive is evident in those shallow souls that endeavor to acquire everything possible without regard for others, God, or the world we live in. It seems that this second drive will use whatever draws from others their personal material resources. The most fascinating thing is that there are enough people alive now to buy what ever is put before them. If what scrapes the bottom of the ocean, (whale droppings), can be packaged, it can be sold to someone else. And be worn proudly. Some will call them genius? Consider that similar to water, all undertakings in the hands of those who proudly wave the flag of the second drive will seek the lowest level; if it means profit.

In every neighborhood, slice or segment of our society, the traces of these two major drives are evident. Our Government is a breeding ground for all things good and bad. Every thing, our Government does, everything they allow the Mega- corporations to do, will affect the Planet Earth. From time to time, thinking, feeling, unselfish, dynamic individuals have seen all life as something precious. They have often created governments that treat humanity and its environment as deserving entities. Individuals of this nature are infrequent and must pass into history without great fanfare. Our immense challenge is to replace these individuals with like talents and intentions. We have failed in our efforts because we expect this to happen naturally, it is definitely not natural. Truly great leaders are few in number; we must all be alert to the activities, not the rhetoric, of their replacements. Men and women of lesser value will seek the vacated leadership by what ever means available for the sake of power and wealth and create a payback arrangement. Like Faust? (Sell your soul)? Certainly there will never be a perfect individual. I am not, you are not, perfect. Do not expect to find saints to be our leaders. We can however, demand them to do the best possible for all of us once they are in. No?

Why has America failed to demand the Government it should have inherited? Why? Because the voting polls have become a game for too many. Vote for your team and let them play the game. God help us it is not a game for the players alone… all must be in the game, all of us. As the most powerful, the wealthiest and most advanced people since the beginning of time, should we not have been able to maintain a continuity of integrity as it was established? The answer is a definite no. The Government established by our forefathers was hard fought for, and the fight must continue. The battle continues between the haves and the have-nots, the greedy and the compassionate, the winners and the -- losers?

When our sensitive ecology is adversely and permanently changed, we will all be losers.